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Hi there and welcome to Chaos, Kisses and Wanderlust Wishes! My name is Rhyan Armstrong, I'm a 25-year-old Air Force wife and mother to three kids 6 and under. As you can imagine, that's where my chaos AND my kisses come from. I also have a serious case of the wanderlust bug, which so far has taken me to 45 states. Most of those states were seen on the five cross-country road trips we have taken. I decided to follow a dream of mine that I've had for a while and start a blog. I'll be showing my travels, reviews, experiences and tips/tricks as both a traveler and a wife/mother. Plus anything else that speaks to my heart.


I am originally from a small farming community in Washington. While my heart will always be there, we currently live in Maryland sandwiched between Baltimore and DC.


 I've never really followed the traditional route-even my childhood would be considered a-typical. My husband and I had been in a serious relationship for 2 years before he joined the Air Force during my senior year and when he received his first duty station across the entire country it just made sense to get married and move with him. We got married in July 2015 and did our first major road trip when moving from Washington to Maryland in October-fast forward almost 8 years and here we are! I'm now a mother to three awesome kids-Khamryn who is 6, Oliver who is 4 and Addison who is 2.

We had lots of exciting things that happened last year that I am playing catch up on writing about and a lot of new and exciting things to come in 2023 as well that I can't wait to share with you guys! One new thing that I've been keeping under wraps until everything was official, is that I am now a certified travel agent! I am an independent contractor through the company Smart Moms Plan Disney and am now available to help plan your travel needs, especially anything Disney related!

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