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Small Business Saturday- Dandelions Flower Stand

Dandelions Flower Stand is an Annapolis local woman-owned small business. They have a flower subscription that delivers beautiful bouquets to your door.

I originally found out about this business through the Annapolis mom's group on Facebook. I've been subscribed on a bi-weekly basis since August and the bouquets are always beautiful. And I love that the flowers also come from local flower farmers, so it's giving back even more to the local community. Here is a picture of the first bouquet I got back in August. The colors are always just so vibrant and you can see the care and thought that goes into putting together each bouquet.

The owner's name is Danie Minor and she is very nice and personable. There have been a few times she has reached out to me personally to text or call to confirm things about my orders and once I needed to text her and ask a question and she responded promptly. I love the level of customer service and how personable she is.

The subscription for 2022 ran from January 13th and goes through December so I will assume that the next year's subscription will be a similar time frame. When you go to fill out the order form you have the option of weekly delivery ($22.50 per bouquet), bi-weekly ($24 per bouquet), or monthly ($25 per bouquet). When you receive your first bouquet, it will come in a mason jar and then after that, each bouquet comes in a little bouquet holder and you can transfer it into the mason jar they gave you the first time.

She is also currently doing pumpkin bouquets, which is a separate order. It's exactly what it sounds like, she puts together a beautiful autumn bouquet inside a pumpkin. You also have the option to have a phrase on your pumpkin, she has partnered with another local small business for the hand lettering (Kate Slayton Lettering). We just got ours delivered yesterday and I am in love with it.

The order form for the pumpkin bouquets closes on October 24th. The next delivery dates that are left will be October 23rd, October 29th, October 30th, and October 31st. In addition to the several hand-lettered phrases you can choose from, you also have the choice between an orange pumpkin and a white pumpkin.

I am in no way affiliated with her or her business- I just think she runs a great small business that's worth mentioning. You can find her Instagram, Facebook, and links to her order forms below. She also sometimes attends different small business pop-ups and has flowers there with her. Be sure to check out her Instagram for announcements about that.



Flower Subscription:

Pumpkin Order:

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